How to get more clients for my coaching business

How To Stay Motivated As A Coach

Think of the end goal in mind

So when you first got the idea of coaching, it was the most amazing idea to you. If you’re like me, you can barely sleep the night you get great ideas, all you can think about is waking up early and executing your amazing plan and starting your path to success.

This is similar to gas in your car, and you’re driving at 120 miles an hour. When you’re going that fast, your gas burns quicker!

What you were doing when you started, was thinking of the end in mind – you become an experienced and well sought after coach that will help thousands or millions with their problems or dreams.

What happens after some time is that you start working “in” your business, instead of “on” your business, and instead of thinking with the end goal in mind, you now start breaking down things into levels.

(picture example of DT with jagged lines vs. straight beautiful line)

This mindset is fine for breaking down your goal into tasks that you or someone on your team can take on, but as the person wearing the CEO hat, you need to always go back to thinking of the end goal in mind.

Reward yourself the way you would if you’ve already won

This has helped me tremendously in accelerating my success. Here’s exactly what happened to me. In 2012, I finally got the confidence to start charging more for my services, especially since I just got married and needed more income to support our lifestyle.

In December 2012, I got what was then a big project, and was super excited with a new level of confidence. What did I do with the money? I spent almost all of it going to Cabo, Mexico for almost a week with my wife that Christmas. We stayed at one of the best resorts in Cabo, and pampered ourselves with spa treatment and the works.

I came back from Cabo with an amazing boost in confidence, but what was more important was what I took away from that experience. I realized that if this is what it was like to provide high value, and get paid well for it, this is the lifestyle I would be rewarded with.

I vowed to myself after that trip, that I would raise the bars every year, and do bigger things that would increase my confidence.

Action Step: What you need to do is think of something you wanted to have, whether its a few hundred dollars or a few thousand. It could be a new course, having me consult with you, or going on an amazing trip with your loved one, and make it happen! Don’t be irresonpsible.

Help people below you (free coaching?)

I’m a big believer in karma, do good to others and it will come back to you in due time. Helping people who are below you is a great way to build up your confidence and stay motivated.

People below you means people who are either much younger than you and are looking for advice, or people who had the problem or dream you once had and now have fixed that problem or are living that dream.

It’s a law of life that the more you give, the more you get back. Next time you’re with people, be alert to what they’re saying, and see if you can help them.

It doesn’t mean you have to put your coach hat on, you could be helping with something totally random, but the feeling you get after you’ve truly helped that person will get you back on track to the confident and motivated mindset. Try it now!

Connect with peers at your level

This is also huge. You want to always have a network of people who are at the exact level in life that you’re in right now. You can consider this a group of friends, people you just meet at conferences, or a mastermind group.

Always always asking questions, especially the ones that you think are dumb. All those questions you have in your mind need answers, so that you can clear that queue and file them away. When you do this, you build confidence and motivation once more, because you now have new knowledge that will help you move forward.

Get guidance from people above you

This finishes off the process of connecting with others for motivation. You’ve helped people below you, and connected with people at your level. What you also want to do is get guidance from people above you, those who are 10-20 years ahead of you in life, in the same field you want to be in.

These people will give you the “shortcut key” by giving you advice and tips that will cut days/months/years out of your growth time. This guidance you get from people above you will 100x your motivation. You’ll have gas for your car and tons of extra gallons in your trunk to take you all over the world!

You can get guidance from people above you by finding mentors in your city, or watching videos online on YouTube. You’re getting guidance from me right now by reading what I have to say, and cut years of your time by having me coach you privately.

You could also buy courses, books, or other programs where you get no personal interaction, but can still learn from the person above you. Its the constant learning process by people above you that’s important, not the way you receive it. It definitely helps to get personal interactions (osmosis), but if you live in a small town you have no excuse not to go online and find great information.