How to get more clients for my coaching business


Below is a free organized list of resources for realtors to help you find more leads, convert more leads, and create a better experience for you and your clients.

Getting a domain name

If you don’t have one already, you need to start out with getting a domain name (then hosting) for your business. One tip, my recommended hosting companies below usually give a free domain name forevurrrr, as long as you keep your account with them. What I do is take them up on that offer, and use my preferred domain registrars below for extra domain names I want to buy in the future (for a new course, or a separate coaching program).

  1. Namecheap – As it says, the domain names here are pretty cheap, and customer support is good. I usually wait until they have their $1 domain name offers (for the first year only, then around $13 a year after), so that any new experimental courses or ideas I have are started at lowest costs possible. They almost always have $1 domain name promos, so go get yours now.

Hosting your website

It’s super important that you create a good foundation for your online business, by hosting it somewhere where you will stay for the long term. Here are my recommended hosting companies.

  1. Bluehost – Great affordable hosting for your coaching business. The price for hosting is $6/month, but if you prepay for 2-3 years of hosting upfront, it comes down to around $4/month, super affordable.
  2. A Small Orange – A great place for hosting, thats even lower in cost than Bluehost. You can start with their lowest plan at $2.92/month, and then grow to the next package up as your business grows. This is how I always do it. It’s not good to switch hosting providers, but its smart to start at the lowest possible plan, and just increase as your business gets bigger, nothing to change either when you upgrade.

Freebies: graphics, fonts, and others

Stock photos and buying pricey fonts are great when you’re growing your brand. In the beginning though, I never spend on anything that I can’t get for free. Its smart to bootstrap, and minimize your expenses as much as possible, so you can comfortable reinvest in your biz and increase that momentum. Check out some of these freebie sites to get great resources.

Be sure to checkĀ if you can use the freebies on commercial or personal-only use. Each freebie is different.